Before moving forward, it should be noted that all races are needed different race fees which will be shared to winner ,holders rewards,marketing (70% winner reward,15% $HORSEDRACE holders rewards, 15% Marketings) . The minimum requirement to participate in a race is one HorseDrace NFT and $HORSEDRACE tokens.
Once you enter the HorseDrace game, you simply need to click the "Multiplayer" tab. Continue by choosing between your NFT horses has available , proceed by selecting bet amount and arena of best suited for your Horse , then click "Ready" and you will be instantly pushed into a lobby with a track that has variables that you are not able to view until inside the race.
  • Select "Race"
  • Choose between Offline or Multiplayer mode.
  • Select your Horse and and bet amount.
  • Wait for lobby to fill.
  • Once the countdown is complete, the race will begin.