NFT Horses

Like real-life racehorses, HorseDrace horses have different traits that define their rarity, performance, cool-down time, and ultimately value. They are 100% one of the kind. A horse is a valuable asset that allows you to participate in races and earn payouts.
Every NFT horse has a set of visible and hidden characteristics:
  • Visible: sex, color, shape, breed and racing cool-down energy
  • Hidden: speed , stamina and accelaration
Speed and stamina are the key factors of winning the race. Speed and stamina can be speculated from horse appearance, bloodline (fusioned genetics), and previous race statistics.
We use NFT technology to create and differentiate every horse in the game. Horses are stored as NFT tokens. Horses can be bought in NFT marketplaces (in-game or third party) or created through fusion.
Every NFT horse's data is visible to the public. Users can inspect horse appearance, check horse race history and bloodline. Fusion history allow users to navigate through horse ancestry.
The NFT horses will have a stat system. The level will depend on the races participated, races won, and overall activity on the training room. Higher the stats, the higher the price. The horses can compete in hippodromes with close-stats horses.